The Real Definition of Entrepreneurship with Scott Maitland, Top of the Hill Restaurant and Brewery

Welcome to Owner Operated: Conversations with Small Business Millionaires.

This week, I spoke with Scott Maitland, owner of Top of the Hill Restaurant and Brewery in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

A graduate of West Point, Scott is the proprietor of Top of the Hill Restaurant and Brewery, an iconic Chapel Hill restaurant which has won more than 40 best-of awards in the Triangle area. Scott has a passion for Chapel Hill and sits on the board of several North Carolina business and trade organizations.

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We covered:

  • How Scott raised money and took on partners to start TOPO
  • Entrepreneurship as a life philosophy
  • Principles of leadership and management
  • Advice for students pursuing a career in investment banking or consulting
  • Unicorn Entrepreneurship vs. Old School Entrepreneurship
  • Is achieving balance in small business a myth?
  • Working on the business vs. in the business
  • The hidden advantages of turnover in business
  • The advantages small businesses offer to their communities

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- Jonah

Jonah Pollone