Erik Sullivan - MidStreet

Welcome to the Owner Operated Newsletter: Conversations with Small Business Millionaires.

This week, I spoke with Erik Sullivan, my close friend and coworker at MidStreet. We talked about his journey in small business, finding the right career path, and why everyone should own a small business once in their life (see below).

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Erik began his career at Leith Automotive working as a content writer. He grew tired of the corporate world and quit his job to work as a freelance videographer.

He joined MidStreet Mergers & Acquisitions in 2017, and has steadily developed into an experienced M&A advisor for MidStreet companies ($1M-$25M in revenue).

We covered:

  • Erik’s journey from videographer to dealmaker at MidStreet
  • Reflections on the Owner Operated Podcast  
  • Erik’s role at MidStreet
  • The impact of personal development on Erik’s life
  • Finding your “lane”
  • "Regular reevaluation”
  • Why everyone should own a business once in their life
  • Erik’s takeaways from successful business exits
  • His best and craziest deal stories
  • His interest in precious metals

Every now and then I'm going to post casual episodes like this with different guests on the topic of small business ownership. What do you think of this new Afterhours format?

See you next week.

- Jonah

Jonah Pollone