Bill Edwards - Triangle Shooting Academy (with Erik Sullivan)

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This week, I spoke with Bill Edwards, owner of Triangle Shooting Academy.


The episode features a very special guest: my close friend, colleague at MidStreet, and UFC watch party companion, Erik Sullivan.

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Bill founded Triangle Shooting Academy with his business partner Jeff in 2010. They operate out of a 40,000+ square foot facility located by RDU Airport in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Their trainers perform firearm instruction to over 700 people every month, and their retail facility is one of the most trafficked firearm stores in the Southeast.

We covered:

  • Bill's story and journey from salesman in manufacturing and real estate to owner of a "Guntry" club
  • “Speed dating” to find a complementary business partner
  • The importance of following your passion to find the best career path
  • The power of having a "mastermind" peer group within an industry
  • The future of Triangle Shooting Academy
  • And much more

If you're new to the newsletter, here's some context:

For most of my life, I've held negative misconceptions about business owners.

I used to think most of them didn't care about their employees and that they were running their businesses only to make money.

Those beliefs were challenged when I started having conversations with real small business owners through my job at MidStreet.

I found out that many owners are some of the most giving, nicest people you'll meet.

Now my mission is to get the word out that small business ownership is a GOOD thing.

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Jonah Pollone