Owner Operated - "Who's Your Who?" with Alex Mihajlov and Trevor Chambers, Olde Raleigh Financial Group

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In this week's show, I spoke with Alex Mihajlov and Trevor Chambers.

Alex and Trevor are wealth advisors at Olde Raleigh Financial Group, an independent financial advisory firm in Raleigh, NC that offers facilitate retirement planning, tax planning, social security analysis, educational & college planning, 401k allocation, insurance, and estate planning

I took a lot away from this episode - it'll be a valuable listen regardless of where you are in your small business/financial journey.

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We covered:

  • The "Who's your who?" concept for small business owners and the benefits of specialization
  • Planning for retirement as a business owner
  • How to balance real estate investing with business ownership and investing in stocks
  • The case for (and against) 401Ks
  • The benefits of not "panicking out" in economic downturns
  • Speculating vs. investing
  • Strategies for prospecting when building a business
  • Alex and Trevor's thoughts on cryptocurrency
  • How to invest to hedge against inflation
  • Why you should never take "oh by the way" for granted

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Jonah Pollone