Advising Families with >$25 Million in Net Worth with Katherine Dunlevie, Managing Director of Synovus Family Office

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I spoke with Katherine Dunlevie, the Executive Vice President and Managing Director of the Family Office at Synovus, a family office headquartered in Columbus, Georgia, focusing on families with wealth in excess of $25 million. If you have an interest in building and growing wealth, this episode is for you.

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We covered:

  • What is a family office and why do they matter?
  • When does it make sense for a wealthy family to hire a family office?
  • What it was like to get started right when Synovus signed with a 55-family member client with 17 family units
  • Single vs. Multi-Family Office
  • Qualities of successful family businesses
  • Using trusts as planning entities
  • Communication as a way to solve family issues
  • Top recommendations for family business owners
  • Family business peer councils
  • Servant leadership
  • Seeking out mentors
  • UNC Family Enterprise Center
  • Family Business Magazine
All the possible functions of a Family Office.
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