$56 Million in Real Estate with Nick Earls and Eric DiNicola, Winterspring Capital

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This week I spoke with Nick Earls and Eric DiNic0la, co-founders and managing principals of Winterspring Capital and co-owners of PWN Development based in the Greater Boston area.

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Winterspring Capital is a real estate syndication firm with a portfolio of $56 million in multifamily assets under ownership throughout the Southeast and Boston.

We covered:

  • Getting started in real estate development
  • Balancing development of proper with long-term hold investment properties
  • Self-funding deals vs. raising capital
  • Real estate syndication: 506B vs. 506C rules
  • Buying real estate under LLCs vs. starting a real estate fund
  • Hiring and managing sub crews and employees
  • Handling partnership disagreements and best practices
  • Don’t blame people. Even if it’s someone else’s fault
  • The benefits of stoicism for small business and real estate professionals
  • Dealing with inflation through investing in real estate
  • Fractional ownership of properties through investing in real estate syndications
  • Why you should call local lenders before large banks
  • DTI (Debt-to-Income) Ratio when starting out in residential real estate
  • "House Hacking" as a way to get into real estate investing
  • How to protect yourself as a small business owner
Great graphic from Winterspring about the 5 major benefits of real estate ownership.

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