From 6 to 70 Employees in Environmental Remediation with Mel Phillips, Product Recovery Management (PRM)

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This week I sat down with Mel Phillips, the president and co-owner of Product Recovery Management (PRM).

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Mel is the president and co-owner of Product Recovery Management (PRM) and Triangle Stainless, alongside his brother, Brian Phillips.

Operating out of a 150,000 square-foot facility in Butner, North Carolina, PRM manufactures environmental treatment systems and offers field services for equipment, including installation, setup, and maintenance.

This episode is FULL of wisdom from Mel. Forward this email to anyone you think could benefit from the conversation, and let me know what you think of the show!

We covered:

  • Overcoming growth barriers in a small business
  • The journey from electrical contracting to environmental remediation
  • The benefits of acquiring companies in related industries
  • Growing up in the family business
  • Leaving work at work
  • How to learn and improve from mistakes in a small business
  • Why Mel recommended that his daughters go to college
  • A decade of financial hardships – what you don’t see from the outside
  • How to hire and keep good people
  • The future of PRM
  • Much more

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Jonah Pollone