Should You Invest in a 401K? And More with John Rumsey of RHA Wealth

Welcome to Owner Operated. It's been a while!

I'll be switching to a 2x a month cadence for the newsletter and podcast, so be on the lookout for more episodes in a couple of weeks. The next episode will feature the owner of the largest company on the show so far, with 70 employees and an awesome story. Excited to share it with you.

In Owner Operated's very first virtual episode, I had a great conversation with John Rumsey, co-owner of RHA Wealth in Raleigh about managing personal and small business finances.

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John founded the company in March of 2020, along with partners Robert Harting and Clark Abbott.

We covered:

  • Taking the leap into entrepreneurship from the corporate world
  • Who should you take financial advice from?
  • Practical tips for personal financial habits
  • How large should your emergency fund be?
  • Dave Ramsey’s 7 Baby Steps
  • Should you invest in a 401K?
  • Why you should always know the value of a business
  • Building a book of business when you first start a company
  • How to think about cryptocurrency in a portfolio
  • The benefits of joining Entrepreneurs' Organization (EO)
  • Setting up your network instead of viewing everyone as competitors

Thank you for listening.

- Jonah

Jonah Pollone